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May 18 2016

Rutgers University and Dartmouth College researchers find promise of a new treatment approach in a drug that targets HIV and prevents its rebound.

Gottlieb TN
Nov 30 2015

When the world was slow to grasp the epidemic’s magnitude, he also became a leading AIDS activist.

HIV vial
Feb 26 2015

One in seven Americans with HIV is unaware of the infection..

Feb 17 2015

For many of her 27 years striving to prevent pregnant women from transmitting the HIV virus to their newborns, Carolyn Burr shared her multiple sclerosis diagnosis with only her closest colleagues.

Jun 20 2014

Graduate student John Turner grew up in Camden and now helps to provide services in poor communities.

May 2 2014

Born at the beginning of the epidemic, few students realize the panic and discrimination that surrounded an HIV diagnosis back then.

Senior patient talking to doctor
Nov 5 2013

Thanks to the right meds, treating people with HIV/AIDS evolved to caring for the living. But other barriers to delivering that care remain, including nursing and other health care provider shortages, the stigma of HIV, and health literacy.

AIDS Ribbon
Oct 1 2013

The university is receiving federal funding to train more nurses, particularly in urban areas.