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Feb 1 2016

The exploding star, nearly 4 billion light years from us, is about 570 billion times brighter than our sun.

Sep 30 2015

People from around the world were recently amazed by the super moon total lunar eclipse, a rare celestial event that brings out stargazers and turns eyes to the sky. Watch our video and to hear Rutgers experts explain what happened.

John Wu
Oct 22 2014

Pope Francis commended students from 22 countries for their scientific collaboration, calling their work "a fitting and effective means for promoting peace and justice."

Rachel Somerville
Jul 30 2014

Rachel Somerville received $500,000 in research support for five years from the Simons Foundation.

Hubble Space Telescope
May 1 2014

Rutgers astrophysics professor Saurabh Jha is part of a team that discovered distant exploding stars magnified by the immense gravity of foreground galaxy clusters, which act like "cosmic lenses."

goldwater scholarship logo
Apr 7 2014

The Rutgers students are among 283 undergraduates honored.

Oct 25 2013

The observations give scientists new insights into how black holes and the galaxies that host them evolve.

symbol of circle and woman carrying torch
Apr 30 2013

Four Rutgers professors are among 84 distinguished researchers elected to membership in the National Academy of Sciences this year, one of the highest honors an American scientist or engineer can achieve.

Rachel Somerville
Jan 23 2013

Modern telescopes peer to the farthest reaches of space, revealing how galaxies looked as they took shape billions of years ago.