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Ashley Lewis
Feb 29 2016

Advances in technology have made it possible to produce bone, muscle and even organs using a 3D bioprinter. Butt before that can be done, cellular building blocks have to be created to lay the foundation.

Eric Klein
Feb 26 2016

Eric Klein, an assistant professor of biology at Rutgers University-Camden, is the recipient of a prestigious CAREER Award.

Ziyoda Abdujabborova
Apr 24 2015

Ziyodakhon Abdujabborova has made the most of every opportunity since her family immigrated to the United States from Uzbekistan seven years ago.

Simeon Kotchoni
Feb 5 2015

Research that will help to fight soil-borne pathogens that infect canola plants is taking root at Rutgers University–Camden.

Scott Davis
Mar 26 2014

Scott Davis's octocopter drone, which carries two cameras, combines biology with math, computer programming and engineering.

Lyla Jno Baptiste
Feb 19 2014

Sometimes, research yields unexpected results. At Rutgers University–Camden, a group working together to decipher the genetic basis of cell shapes in plants made a remarkable discovery: a new gene.

Desmond Lun
Aug 21 2013

A pair of Rutgers–Camden researchers is taking an innovative approach to measuring how quickly cells react with chemicals. The new process could be a valuable resource in metabolic engineering and biochemical production.

Feb 20 2013

Study finds fog-like condition related to chemotherapy’s effect on new brain cells and rhythms

Jan 21 2013

Instead of cashing in on his genetic engineering technique molecular geneticist Joachim Messing gave it away for free to scientists around the world.

Farhana Haque, a first-year biology student at Rutgers–Camden and the daughter of Bangladeshi immigrants, dreams of being a pediatrician.