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Grace Brannigan
Mar 16 2015

Grace Brannigan and Jinglin Fu, assistant professors at Rutgers University–Camden, are among a select group of researchers from around the country to receive Cottrell College Science Awards from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RC

Sean O'Malley
Nov 24 2014

It’s becoming more common for students to use 3D printing technology to build tools for their research labs.

Darrin York
Nov 20 2014

Education groups honor him for personalizing instruction and boosting student success in general chemistry courses.

Chemistry and Chemical Biology building street level
Jun 16 2014

The facility will provide teaching, laboratory and support space to accelerate leading-edge research.

Sean Taylor
May 1 2014

A pair of Rutgers University–Camden students has found a new family of functional materials for the production of clean hydrogen fuel through photocatalysis, a process that uses sunlight or ultraviolet light to drive chemical reactions.

Apr 30 2014

Researchers hope increased scale and speed of work will translate into expanded funding and infrastructure.

Dec 9 2013

Rutgers displaced the California Institute of Technology for the top spot.

Hao Zhu
Nov 14 2013

A Rutgers–Camden professor is developing a comprehensive data system that can be used as a valuable computational tool for researchers by providing them with access to chemical toxicity information.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

If you think you like candy or ice cream just because they're sweet, you're missing the science behind the treats.