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Computer Science

students videoconferencing
Sep 16 2015

The new system, called VideoWall, was developed by computer scientists with a vision for everything from bridging classrooms in New Jersey to helping researchers communicate across continents.

Jul 2 2015

Student Vanessa Cansanas helps connect young girls to the computer science field through after-school programs

Maria Fanelle and Beri Kihdze
Jun 22 2015

A tutoring program sponsored by Douglass Residential College and a Rutgers math institute aims to boost the number of women pursuing scientific and technical careers.

Feb 15 2015

Hackhers was the first hackathon event at Rutgers specifically designed for women.

Desmond Lun
Nov 24 2014

Forensic experts in crime labs around the world could soon have a new tool.

Suneeta Ramaswami
Sep 26 2014

Computer science majors at Rutgers University–Camden will participate in a research project with students from two other institutions thanks to a new grant that encourages collaborative research at the undergraduate level.

Sep 3 2014

The unique space is reminiscent of the days when students spent long nights working side by side with their classmates.

Rebecca Wright
Apr 25 2014

Rebecca Wright, professor of computer science and director of the Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS)

Dec 9 2013

Reveral former Rutgers-Camden students are enjoying post-baccalaureate success after graduating from Rutgers–Camden’s computer science program.