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Donald Trump

Jun 26 2017

Masculine stereotypes of the presidency persist, but women’s voices broke through in 2016, according to the final Presidential Gender Watch report. 

Jan 18 2017

From climate change to Obamacare, the start of the Trump administration raises many questions for the future of policy in the United States.

Nov 20 2016

What do you want to tell our next president? We asked Rutgers students what message they want to deliver. Their answers may surprise you. Watch.

Oct 17 2016

Professors Douglas Kruse and Lisa Schur say people with disabilities are receiving more attention in this election and a disability can motivate a whole family at the voting booth.

Sep 22 2016

A Rutgers economist explains why the agreement is controversial and why trade deals matter overall.

Hillary Clinton
Apr 18 2016

Donald Trump holds a healthy lead over Ohio Gov. John Kasich among New Jersey voters, but Bernie Sanders is making inroads into Hillary Clinton's advantage, according to a new Rutgers-Eagleton Poll.

Feb 23 2016

With strong support from their bases, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton retains their New Jersey leads in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Chris Christie
Feb 2 2016

Iowa's caucuses have come and gone, and Rutgers political scientist David Redlawsk ponders their meaning and looks to New Hampshire, the next stop on the road to the White House.

Gov. Chris Christie
Dec 10 2015

The bright spot for Christie is his return to second place for the 2016 Republican nomination among New Jersey Republican and GOP-leaning voters.

Gov. Chris Christie
Oct 14 2015

Despite some recent gains on the 2016 campaign trail, Gov. Chris Christie has plummeted among his own party’s 2016 preferences back home, according to the latest Rutgers-Eagleton Poll.