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Mar 28 2017

A National Academies of Sciences committee led by RBHS Chancellor Brian Strom recommends steps toward making the disease a rare occurrence.

Aug 21 2016

How is the classroom environment different in China compared with the United States? Watch our video to see what students from South China University of Technology have to say after studying robotics and engineering at Rutgers this summer.

Apr 11 2016

Rutgers' Brian Strom says the world has the tools to prevent hepatitis B and cure hepatitis C.

Mar 30 2016

It's one thing to want to drive a race car, but it's another thing to figure out how to build the car from scratch first.

underwater drone
Oct 23 2015

The one-of-a-kind vehicle could speed search-and-rescue missions, monitor oil spills and detect underwater mines.

Jet engine
Oct 19 2015

Increasing interest from students and demand for engineers in drone and other aviation technologies drove creation of the program, with first degrees slated for 2018.

Aug 5 2015

The total tops the previous year’s fundraising record by nearly 27 percent.

continuous manufacturing lab
Jun 1 2015

The Janssen Pharmaceutical gift broadens a strategic collaboration with the School of Engineering.

HoaiThu Nguyen
May 15 2015

Rutgers chemical and biochemical engineering major HoaiThu Nguyen came to the U.S. in 2009 knowing no English yet determined to pursue science and technology.

Apr 20 2015

A new sight-restoring procedure allowed a 68-year-old man to see his wife of 45 years for the first time in a decade.

Feb 3 2015

The Richard Weeks Hall of Engineering will be the flagship building for the Rutgers School of Engineering and gateway building to the Busch Campus.

Weeks Hall of Engineering
Feb 3 2015

The building’s name will honor an alumnus and chariman of a leading marine and construction firm.

Bassel Mudarris and Ryan Ghaida
Dec 2 2014

A showcase of 14 projects caps off a yearlong course that provides rigorous training for future careers.

downed wires
Nov 14 2014

Technology helped volunteers pinpoint hundreds of hazards to power lines in heavily wooded Warren Township.

Katherine Lau and Hailey Dawson
Sep 24 2014

Katherine Lau received a stipend from the Douglass STEM summer science program for her life-changing research experience.

Carolyn Andia
May 6 2014

Carolyn Andia has overcome obstacles to achieve her dream of an aerospace engineering career while helping others pursue their goals.

cardiac devices
Apr 17 2014

New technologies for improved surgical tools or systems that speed access to time-sensitive pathology reports may well come from undergraduates working side-by-side with physicians.

Feb 23 2014

Engineering students paired up to build a boat out of nothing but cardboard, duct tape and plastic sheeting before racing across the pool at the Sonny Werblin Recreation Center. Needless to say, not everybody made it.

Dec 13 2013

Building an automatic volleyball server or a robotic hand is hard enough. Working with a group of your fellow students - many of whom have different ideas - is even more challenging.