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Chase Thumb
Apr 11 2016

A Rutgers researcher targets a backup gene to reduce the severity of the progressive muscle wasting disease.

Feb 8 2016

Robert Wood Johnson genetic counselors teamed up with Rutgers Hillel to hold a genetic carrier awareness and screening event, a pilot for future programs.

Sperm and Egg Thumb
Dec 3 2015

Discovery could lead to more effective treatments and better contraceptives.

Andrey Grigoriev
Sep 17 2015

A Rutgers University–Camden professor has been awarded a grant that will fund the development of an algorithm that could better identify large-scale genomic changes, such as those related to evolution or disease-causing mutations.

Feb 26 2015

Lei Yu, a Harry Potter fan, leads 20 students into the world of research, passing through the wizard world on the way.

Nov 24 2014

Neuroscientist Bonnie Firestein says in laboratory studies too much causes abnormalities in brain development.

Julia Rae Schlucter
Apr 17 2014

New therapies, medications and newborn screening programs have helped edge that figure up to middle age and beyond. Meet Julia Rae Schlucter, 21, a singer born with the genetic lung disease, who can now envision a future.

goldwater scholarship logo
Apr 7 2014

The Rutgers students are among 283 undergraduates honored.

Lyla Jno Baptiste
Feb 19 2014

Sometimes, research yields unexpected results. At Rutgers University–Camden, a group working together to decipher the genetic basis of cell shapes in plants made a remarkable discovery: a new gene.

AAAS logo
Nov 25 2013

They were selected based on their distinguished efforts to advance science or its applications.

Nov 12 2013

Fascinated by how genes make them so similar, they have a mutual passion for medicine.

Christian, Carlos, Corey and Lorenzo Miodus-Santini
Oct 30 2013

Scientists also find evidence of a genetic connection in areas of social skills and repetitive behaviors.

New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame
Oct 21 2013

Their work involves leukemia-fighting drugs, cranberry plants, computerized voice recognition and shellfish genetics.

Jan 21 2013

Instead of cashing in on his genetic engineering technique molecular geneticist Joachim Messing gave it away for free to scientists around the world.