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Health & Medicine

Amenta (l.) and Barone
Sep 18 2013

Rutgers is introducing a combined doctorate in pharmacy and medicine, believed to be the first of its kind.

scientist working in the lab
May 1 2013

Experts have learned much from previous pandemics, Janet Golden says. Panic isn’t helpful. Knowledge and preparation are what is needed.

Feb 20 2013

Study finds fog-like condition related to chemotherapy’s effect on new brain cells and rhythms

Feb 15 2013

Joshua Miller says more studies are needed to determine if supplements and fortified foods are safe.

Oct 26 2012

There is a fine line between moderate and binge drinking.  Rutgers researchers say this type of risky behavior decreases the development of brain cells which could affect memory.

Oct 17 2012

Rutgers social worker who specializes in addiction and recovery treatment leads public policy effort to tackle heroin and opiate abuse among teens and young adults.

Feb 1 2012

Rutgers scientists have uncovered genetic clues as to why some mice no longer in danger are still fearful while others are resilient to traumatic experience – knowledge that could help those suffering with crippling anxiety and PTSD.