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Healthy eating

Holiday Eating
Nov 20 2015

Rutgers eating behavior expert gives tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the holidays.

Sep 17 2015

Is there such a thing as eating too healthy? A Rutgers psychologist discusses the dangers of orthorexia.

Weiss standing among his vegetable crops at Ethos Health in Long Valley, N.J.
Aug 3 2015

When his father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Ron Weiss chose to have him follow a plant-based diet. What he learned led Weiss to develop a farm-based primary care medical practice. 

Jul 6 2015

A new workshop from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension helps residents make the most of small backyards to raise chickens that provide more nutritious eggs.

Dec 20 2013

A tomato-rich diet may help protect at-risk postmenopausal women from breast cancer, according to new research by Rutgers professor. 

FoodCorps Volunteers

Rutgers Cooperative Extension is a co-host of the FoodCorps program, which expanded into New Jersey last fall to teach the state's children about healthy food.

Family grocery shopping

Students teamed up with the Greater Newark Conservancy to improve nutrition literacy in city populations.