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Honors College

Jan 20 2016

The company has entered into partnerships to build a more diverse workforce and improve the health and well-being of people around the world.

Sep 25 2015

The new facility expands honors education as the university  prepares to celebrate its 250th anniversary.

Sep 21 2015

The new Honors College is a community where intellectual curiosity, hands-on knowledge, diversity, collaboration and giving back are central to its philosophy.

Rutgers University-New Brunswick Honors College
Sep 9 2015

Rutgers is opening modern residence halls, classrooms and labs to provide new academic opportunities for students and faculty.

Aug 31 2015

The Honors College of Rutgers-New Brunswick welcomed its first group of students this year. Several first-year students said they chose Rutgers specifically because of the honors college and are excited to establish new traditions.

honors college
Sep 11 2014

Construction of an Honors College, academic building and residence halls continues as significant improvements are completed elsewhere.