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Jan 23 2017

Jackie Kelly (R ’16), Scott Sincoff (R ’14) and Morgan Parrish (R’16) work together at KVRR-TV, the Fox affiliate in Fargo. Find out how they arrived there "coincidentally, but intentionally."

Dec 12 2016

Planet Money producer Alex Goldmark enjoys unraveling complicated concepts and making learning fun.

Feb 1 2016

With a whirlwind of credits, including Hot 97, Essence and the NBA, Gia Peppers is making a name for herself as an on-air personality and entertainment journalist.

Pam Fessler
Jan 19 2016

National Public Radio correspondent and Rutgers alumna Pam Fessler began her career when real-life role models were hard to find.

John Koblin
Feb 11 2015

John Koblin, a Rutgers alumnus and former sports columnist at The Daily Targum, now covers fashion for The New York Times. Find out how he made the transition.

Image of Lisa Ferdinando
Aug 18 2014

Rutgers alumna Lisa Ferdinando has captured the U.S. Coast Guard's highest public affairs honor.

May 15 2014

Text, photographs and video, produced by student journalists at Rutgers, have been compiled as an iBook.

Samuel Dillon
Apr 3 2014

Samuel Dillon, a student at Rutgers School of Law-Newark, wants to help immigrants in his new career.