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Mason Gross School of the Arts

Apr 6 2017

Rutgers University will invest in a new performing arts center that paves the way for Mason Gross School of the Arts to launch a musical theater program and expand its opera program.

Mar 30 2017

Performance, therapy, ritual and meditation infuse Raphael Montañez Ortiz’s pieces.

Kathleen Lonski
Mar 20 2017

Kathleen Lonski sought to fill a void she saw in school programs to deter bullying.

Jake Schlaerth plays glass armonica
Mar 2 2017

When you’re one of only a couple dozen of people in the country able to play a rare 18th-century instrument, opportunities have a way of finding you.

Mike and Deryck Thumb
Oct 31 2016

A living donation connects Rutgers’ alumni French horn players following a successful liver transplant.

Oct 27 2016

Anna Gichan is privy to two special worlds. In one, she wears her hearing aids and interacts with the frenetic sounds of everyday life. In the other, she exists in near silence.

Sep 11 2016

Rutgers classical saxophone instructor Paul Cohen has over 200 saxophones composing the largest private collection in the world. Watch and find out which instruments are his favorites and see how he finds his "personal voice" playing the sax.

May 4 2016

While studying photography at Mason Gross, Diana Marsh adored wandering with her camera, and she relished experimenting in the darkroom.

Dec 8 2015

New director of Rutgers Center for Digital Filmmaking pushes cinematic boundaries in his own work.

Dec 3 2015

The scholarships reflect the school’s belief that graduate study in art should be accessible to students from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Nov 23 2015

With a mix of serendipity and fearlessness that comes with being young, Gioseffi took a risk and started a farm about a year after graduating college.

Oct 14 2015

The board also appointed holders of Tepper Family Chair in Visual Arts and Unilever Chair for Study of Diet and Nutrition for the Prevention of Chronic Disease.

Sep 25 2015

Best known for creating large-scale, cut-paper black-and-white tableaus depicting the horrors of slavery, the visual artist arrives on campus last month.

May 22 2015

NJTV arts correspondent, Maddie Orton, explores New Jersey's creative side by reporting on art performances around the state.

Feb 16 2015

In the wake of devastating climate events like Superstorm Sandy, a team of world-class scientists race to understand climate change in the fastest winter-warming place on the earth, the West Antarctic Peninsula.

Feb 13 2015

Kristen Adele Calhoun's series tells the story of best friend-actresses – one black and one white – trying to make it New York.

Feb 8 2015

The Mingus Project brings 10 of the biggest names in jazz to campus each year. Watch and listen to the amazing sounds coming from Douglass Campus.

Nov 14 2014

 The Mason Gross graduate composer forum allows graduate students to hear their works played by professional musicians. 

Sep 28 2014

The 121-credit interdisciplinary major will train students in all aspects of filmmaking.