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Feb 16 2017

Grace Ibitamuno Obienu juggles three passions – medicine, community health and writing fiction.

Rick Lang Thumb
Sep 1 2015

Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School student Rick Lang was selected as a prestigious 2015 Tillman Military Scholar.

Jail Cell
Apr 7 2014

These doctors straddle the legal and medical arenas and evaluate matters ranging from insanity and dangerousness to emotional injury and competence to stand trial.

Oct 4 2013

Scientists have identified chemical agents that block the virus’s ability to replicate itself in cell culture.

Sep 9 2013

Although medicine and religion often intersect when people cope with illness or death, religious faith receives little attention from medical historians. A Rutgers–Camden scholar says that’s a mistake.

scientist working in the lab
May 1 2013

Experts have learned much from previous pandemics, Janet Golden says. Panic isn’t helpful. Knowledge and preparation are what is needed.

Lab Research

Read about the final preparations and a staffer who helps ensure the pieces come together for this historic day.