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Mental Health

Jun 8 2017, introduced by Rutgers' University Behavioral Health Care, offers a vetted directory of educational websites and hotlines for children and their parents.

Mar 9 2017

Specialized intervention after the first episodes of psychosis improves outcomes for those aged 15 to 35.

Nov 10 2016

New Jersey Vet2Vet provides a peer-support lifeline to New Jersey veterans.

aerobic thumb
Feb 10 2016

Scientists say combining exercise andf meditation and learning new cognitive skills can help reduce overwhelming negative thoughts.

Apr 15 2015

The mobile technology pairs an electronic diary with sensors to detect social interactions and physical activity.

Illustrration of brain
Oct 20 2014

There is a high degree of stress associated with living in poor communities.

NJ Hopeline
Sep 4 2014

As the NJ Hopeline moves into its second year, the state’s suicide prevention hotline operated by Rutgers counts its success one call at a time.

Jail Cell
Apr 7 2014

These doctors straddle the legal and medical arenas and evaluate matters ranging from insanity and dangerousness to emotional injury and competence to stand trial.

National Guard assisting victims of Hurricane Sandy
Nov 24 2013

Rutgers will identify people from the hardest hit areas who need treatment and develop a network of clinicians to treat them.