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New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station

Apr 25 2017

The pumpkin habanero is the first new variety released from Rutgers exotic pepper breeding program, which was formed to create a niche for New Jersey growers.

Aug 3 2015

The New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station is improving a variety thought to be lost to history in honor of the university's 250th anniversary.

Jul 6 2015

A new workshop from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension helps residents make the most of small backyards to raise chickens that provide more nutritious eggs.

May 11 2015

Researchers developed a new strawberry to attract more customers to New Jersey farms for its exceptional flavor.

New Jersey Wine
Oct 9 2013

Rutgers experts are helping the state's wine industry grow by advising new grape growers on the varieties they should be growing, and offering scientific information they can use to control pests and optimize production.

Jul 22 2013

Late blight, which caused the Great Irish Famine of the 1840s, is in New Jersey – but contained so far.