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New Jersey Medical School

Parasitic worm surrounded by immune system cells
Aug 7 2017

Two Rutgers NJMS scientists are studying how worm infections can weaken immune systems – and life-saving vaccinations.

Richard Agag performing surgery in Nepal
Jul 10 2017

Richard Agag oversees complex microsurgeries in Nepal on his latest volunteer mission with ReSurge International.

Apr 6 2017

The charity hockey game raised funds for students to collaborate on cleft lip and palate surgery for villagers overseas.

Mother with baby after delivery
Feb 20 2017

Rutgers intensifies its focus on maternal health to help reduce mortalities and premature births.

Oct 13 2016

A Q&A with Rashi Aggarwal of Rutgers New Jersey Medical School's Department of Psychiatry about improving wellbeing for health care providers. 

Image of tomatoes growing in the Minnie L. Presley Memorial Garden
Sep 12 2016

A tiny garden built by New Jersey Medical School students on a vacant Newark lot is benefiting neighborhood residents unable to find affordable quality fruits and vegetables nearby.

Aug 3 2016

Anastasia Bogdanovski will swim the 200-meter freestyle event for Macedonia. She is a dual citizen of the United States and the Balkan state.

May 18 2016

Rutgers University and Dartmouth College researchers find promise of a new treatment approach in a drug that targets HIV and prevents its rebound.

Image of woman with acne.
Feb 11 2016

Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences has received $1M to study inflammatory skin conditions and wound repair. 

Jan 28 2016

New Jersey Medical School faculty members and alumni Jean Daniel Eloy and Jean Anderson Eloy draw their strength from family ties.

Image of mosquito
Jan 27 2016

Rutgers’ Joseph Apuzzio, who treats high-risk pregnancies, outlines immediate steps pregnant women can take.

Image of EMT team placing patient in ambulance
Dec 9 2015

A Rutgers emergency medicine expert says Paris and more potential violence demonstrate a need to educate first responders and specialists.

Weiss standing among his vegetable crops at Ethos Health in Long Valley, N.J.
Aug 3 2015

When his father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Ron Weiss chose to have him follow a plant-based diet. What he learned led Weiss to develop a farm-based primary care medical practice. 

Apr 24 2015

Following their medical education in New Jersey, Serena Friedman and Bob Simpson became successful physicians and wine manufacturers in Paso Robles, California, and still have not met.

Image of Victoria Lane
Feb 24 2015

Victoria Lane is making a difference in people's lives as a patient advocate in a unique community health initiative and now plans to become a nurse.

Feb 9 2015

The liver transplant center at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School is one of just two such units in the state.

Image of Christine Mau treating a patient in Haiti.
Feb 3 2015

Driven by their own initiative and supportive faculty, two New Jersey Medical School students recently participated in an international surgical mission to Haiti, performing medical tasks they have not yet executed at home.

drowsy man
Sep 24 2014

Two Rutgers units, the Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling and New Jersey Medical School, launch a series of health-related polls, starting with a look at risky driving behaviors.

honors college
Sep 11 2014

Construction of an Honors College, academic building and residence halls continues as significant improvements are completed elsewhere.

Jul 14 2014

Hanaa Hamdi examines how neighborhood food environments impact diet-related illnesses, such as diabetes and obesity.