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Headshot of Herman Abuchowski
Dec 15 2014

Herman Abuchowski, who was born without a left foot, considers a nursing career in pediatric care and rehabilitation.

Image of newborn
Nov 29 2014

Nationally renowned midwife and educator Elaine Diegmann has delivered nearly 5,000 babies, including two grandsons, in a 34-year career.

Marian Nowak
Nov 10 2014

Marian Nowak, an assistant professor at the Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden, has been recognized as a national nurse of the year by

Bonnie Jerome-D'Emilia
Nov 10 2014

Two Rutgers University–Camden nursing scholars are performing research to better understand access to care and treatment choices made by women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Illustrration of brain
Oct 20 2014

There is a high degree of stress associated with living in poor communities.

Image of mobile van for treating Newark children with asthma
Oct 2 2014

Felesia Bowen is continuing her crusade to eliminate social barriers to care, starting with Newark children.

Image of Mike Napolitano by plane
Jul 28 2014

Mike Napolitano turns the benefits of being a flight attendant into a dual career as a nurse.

Jul 7 2014

The consolidation of Rutgers College of Nursing and School of Nursing holds great promise for New Jersey and beyond.

Apr 1 2014

It will launch a new era of nursing education in the state of New Jersey.

Mar 12 2014

Cindy Sickora runs a mobile health program in Newark. Suzanne Willard heads a wellness center. Together, two leaders of Rutgers nursing schools are striving to make health care accessible to city residents.

Counselor helping an individual enroll in a health insurance plan.
Feb 17 2014

For many in the community, this marks the first time they'll have medical coverage.

Jan 21 2014

Rutgers is leading an effort to improve eldery care, reduce re-hospitalizations and decrease costs.

Image of a teddy bear
Dec 24 2013

Rutgers School of Nursing partnered with the FP Youth Outcry Foundation to help a group of Newark children.

Senior patient talking to doctor
Nov 5 2013

Thanks to the right meds, treating people with HIV/AIDS evolved to caring for the living. But other barriers to delivering that care remain, including nursing and other health care provider shortages, the stigma of HIV, and health literacy.

Angela McBride
Oct 22 2013

Angela McBride, an internationally renowned nursing scholar known for her contributions to women’s health, the psychology of parenthood, and psychiatric nursing, is coming to Rutgers–Camden to deliver the second annual Distinguished Nursing Lectur

AIDS Ribbon
Oct 1 2013

The university is receiving federal funding to train more nurses, particularly in urban areas.

Jul 10 2013

The Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden is taking a significant step forward in advancing nursing education and practice in New Jersey by offering two new programs that will prepare nursing professionals to better meet increasing healthcare demands.