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Mar 8 2017

Joel Cantor, Distinguished Professor of Public Policy and the founding director of Rutgers’ Center for State Health Policy, Rutgers-New Brunswick

Feb 16 2017

Rutgers’ Joel Cantor explains the hurdles to a replacement plan and examines GOP proposals.

Oct 17 2016

Two Rutgers schools team up to prepare health care managers to better meet Obamacare requirements.

Feb 27 2015

The Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case that could have wide-reaching implications for millions of Americans. 

Child getting medicine
Apr 10 2014

A Rutgers-Eagleton Poll finds that opponents believe the Affordable Care Act does not do enough or does too much to ensure Americans have adequate access to health care.

Counselor helping an individual enroll in a health insurance plan.
Feb 17 2014

For many in the community, this marks the first time they'll have medical coverage.

U.S. Capitol
Oct 16 2013

As the shutdown enters its third week, New Jersey’s registered voters reflect the rest of the nation’s disapproval.