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Feb 10 2016

Isaac Woodward, brought up a conservative Christian, was not afraid to have his conservatism challenged, and not afraid to defend it. 

Dec 15 2015

Theodore Sider, a renowned metaphysical philosopher, is the first holder of the Andrew W. Mellon Chair in Philosophy at Rutgers University.

American Academy of Arts and Sciences logo
May 12 2015

Marilyn McCord Adams will join one of the nation’s most prestigious honorary societies.

soul thumb
Mar 11 2015

Julien Musolino will be the first to tell you that he doesn’t have a soul. Nor does he think anyone else does.

Sep 25 2014

How do you make a hard choice? Rutgers philosopher Ruth Chang has some suggestions.

Rutgers and West Point Explore the Ethics of War
Jun 24 2013

Rutgers philosophy seminar is possibly the first in the country to arm future officers and civilian leaders with a better understanding of war’s moral complexities. Story