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Nov 25 2015

The annual holiday season show features demonstrations that excite the imagination and emphasize the fun in science.

Oct 12 2015

The grant aims to accelerate development of new technologies, such as more efficient batteries.

Grace Brannigan
Mar 16 2015

Grace Brannigan and Jinglin Fu, assistant professors at Rutgers University–Camden, are among a select group of researchers from around the country to receive Cottrell College Science Awards from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RC

Orbital pattern mirror image
Feb 12 2015

Findings may lead to new kinds of materials for electronics and superconducting magnets.

smoke cannon
Dec 2 2014

The annual holiday season show features demonstrations that excite the imagination and emphasize the fun in science.

AAAS logo
Nov 24 2014

Two Rutgers physicists are among 401 members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) who have been elevated to the rank of fellow.

Sean O'Malley
Nov 24 2014

It’s becoming more common for students to use 3D printing technology to build tools for their research labs.

Rachel Somerville
Jul 30 2014

Rachel Somerville received $500,000 in research support for five years from the Simons Foundation.

American Academy of Arts and Sciences logo
Apr 23 2014

Theoretical physics expert Daniel Friedan is among 204 new members of the group that seeks to provide practical policy solutions to pressing challenges.

Feb 18 2014

The experts in high energy physics and marine science will receive $50,000 awards.

Feb 3 2014

Demos for the show "Strangest Weather on Earth" explain principles behind weather events in a way that viewers can understand and enjoy while providing a glimpse of Rutgers' teaching and research expertise.

Jan 26 2014

David Maiullo has been entertaining Rutgers students and others with his physics demonstrations for more than 25 years and his audience is quickly growing.

David Kolchmeyer
Jan 22 2014

David Kolchmeyer is one of 14 students chosen this year to receive the scholarship.

David Maiullo
Dec 2 2013

The shows, which showcase the excitement of scientific discovery during a season of joy and celebration, are a 16-year tradition at Rutgers.

Dec 1 2013

The world of physics comes alive for young and old alike at the annual Faraday Christmas Children's Lecture. Check out our highlights from a previous show and don't miss it this weekend.

AAAS logo
Nov 25 2013

They were selected based on their distinguished efforts to advance science or its applications.

Nov 6 2013

Concepts of Physics for Humanities and Social Science Students is providing a compelling mix of science and contemporary issues, drawing undergraduates from fields as diverse as accounting, psychology, and English.

Oct 8 2013

Rutgers researchers were part of the search for the elusive Higgs particle.

symbol of circle and woman carrying torch
Apr 30 2013

Four Rutgers professors are among 84 distinguished researchers elected to membership in the National Academy of Sciences this year, one of the highest honors an American scientist or engineer can achieve.

Rachel Somerville
Jan 23 2013

Modern telescopes peer to the farthest reaches of space, revealing how galaxies looked as they took shape billions of years ago.