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Public Health

Aug 2 2017

Perry N. Halkitis, the new dean of Rutgers School of Public Health, is cited for his scholarship and advocacy for gay men’s health.

Feb 16 2017

Grace Ibitamuno Obienu juggles three passions – medicine, community health and writing fiction.

India Public Health
Feb 2 2017

Research led by a Rutgers public health expert reveals poverty and inequalities contribute to premature deaths in India's capital city. 

Aug 8 2016

The program has an impressive track record drawing students from disadvantaged communities into the fields of health, mental health, public health and policy research.

Measles vaccine
Feb 6 2015

A Rutgers infectious diseases expert discusses the myths and realities of the measles outbreak and the vaccine gap that has put certain adults at risk.

Image of Jasjit Ahluwalia, new dean of the Rutgers School of Public Health
Jan 20 2015

He is a nationally recognized researcher in the fields of health disparities and nicotine addiction in minority populations.

Thomas Golden
Dec 4 2014

Thomas Golden will study ways to promote long-term health and reduce the toll of chronic disease at University College Cork.

Apr 23 2014

Leila Jean Mady's feats include three advanced degrees and a life-altering New York marathon experience.

Sep 12 2013

Rutgers' Joel C. Cantor explains how it will work, who should apply and what kind of assistance is available.

scientist working in the lab
May 1 2013

Experts have learned much from previous pandemics, Janet Golden says. Panic isn’t helpful. Knowledge and preparation are what is needed.

Feb 15 2013

Joshua Miller says more studies are needed to determine if supplements and fortified foods are safe.