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RU Speaks

Dec 18 2016

From a Barbie Dreamhouse to a Nintendo GameCube, the presents that Rutgers students say they received in childhood are still fresh in their minds today. Watch and see what else left an impression. 

Nov 2 2016

Have you found your passion yet? Are you getting to the gym often enough? Rutgers students say they are facing a variety of challenges. Watch and find out what they have to say.

Oct 30 2016

Whether it's winning an award or conquering a fear, certain moments stick with you in life. We asked Rutgers students about their proudest moments. Watch and find out what they had to say.

Oct 5 2016

Do you have a photographic memory? Can you speak several languages? Rutgers students say those are among the talents they would like to have. Watch and find out what else they have to say.

Sep 25 2016

Are you brave enough to jump off a mountain or swim with sharks? Rutgers students say those are some of the bravest things they've ever done. Find out what else made the list. 

May 11 2016

If you could ask President Obama anything, what would it be? Watch our video and hear some amusing and serious things Rutgers students want to know from our 250th anniversary commencement speaker.

May 5 2016

There's a lot to know about Rutgers University and its 250 years of history. With President Obama coming to speak at commencement,  we asked students what they would tell the president about Rutgers.

Apr 28 2016

What have you learned from your time at Rutgers? We asked members of the Class of 2016 to offer their first-year selves advice about making the most of the college experience. Watch and find out what they had to say.

Apr 21 2016

Do you know where to find the best information about getting involved at Rutgers?  Or that there's a "midnight breakfast" in the dining halls? Students share more of their favorite Rutgers life hacks in this edition of RU Speaks.

Apr 7 2016

We asked Rutgers students about the best day of their lives and found plenty of joy to go around - from taking outstanding trips to hearing good news about a family member's health. Watch and enjoy.

Mar 24 2016
What qualities are you looking for in the next president? Rutgers students say they would support a national leader who respects the middle class and isn't quick to use military force. Find out what else they had to say.
Sep 24 2015
Rutgers students share their opinions on the early stages of the election, including what issues matter most and whether America is ready for a female president. 
Sep 10 2015

Many Rutgers students were in elementary school or even preschool during the terrorist attacks in 2001. But some of them still remember what it was like to watch the world change from a child's perspective.

May 7 2015

Rutgers students were quick to offer up the best-loved cartoons from their childhoods and give their take on how things have changed in recent decades. Do you still watch cartoons? Find out what others have to say.

Apr 2 2015

How much do you spend on coffee or vending machine snacks each week? Have you ever tallied it up?

Mar 26 2015

Do you always go to class? Do you really need perfect attendance to get a good grade? We asked Rutgers students how often they attend classes and if their parents care about their attendance habits.

Mar 12 2015

Do you get enough exercise? Do you think college students should be required to take physical education to graduate? Find out what Rutgers students have to say.

Jan 29 2015

How do you find out what's going on in the world? Rutgers students say they're learning more from social media and less from traditional sources like television and newspapers. 

Dec 7 2014

The beginning of winter is still two weeks away, but Rutgers students have kicked their cold weather plans into high gear. Find out how our students stay warm and prepare for winter weather fun.

Nov 6 2014

Registration can be a stressful time. We asked students how they navigate through the registration process and to share their tips and tricks for creating the perfect schedule for the upcoming semester. Watch and learn.