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RU Speaks

Oct 23 2014

Many Rutgers students say the media is overplaying the threat posed by Ebola, but others are concerned about the widespread outbreak in Africa and the threat at home. 

Oct 9 2014

Is it narcissism or a chance to show off your inner beauty? Rutgers students share their reasons for taking selfies and show us their favorite poses.

Oct 2 2014

Whether it's bringing along lucky pom poms or wearing a favorite Rutgers t-shirt, Scarlet Knight fans have traditions and tricks to bring the football team good luck on game day. Take a look.

Sep 26 2014

After $10 million was anonymously donated to the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, we asked students what they would do with that kind of money if they had it. Donate to cancer research. Help sick kids. What would you do?

Sep 18 2014

Would you let a stranger look through your phone? With recent phone hacking scandals coming to light, we asked students if they're worried about being hacked or if they're doing anything to prevent being hacked. Take a look.

Sep 4 2014

Get your sleep. Be open to new experiences. And don't forget to call home. Join us as we watch parents help their first-year students move in and offer last pieces of advice.

May 1 2014

How do you define success? Whether it's landing an internship or figuring out a major, students say it's been a good year and there will be much to miss about campus life this summer.

Apr 24 2014

What's your college food confession? Rutgers students say they try to pick from a plethora of healthy options, but the temptation to go for cookies and fat sandwiches is often too great.

Apr 18 2014

Now that Rutgers students have thawed out from a brutal winter, they are eager to pack up their winter jackets, grab their lacrosse sticks and head outside. Find out students' favorite spots to enjoy the sun at Rutgers.

Apr 3 2014

Rutgers senior Brian Robles is in the running for a one-way mission to Mars with Mars One, a Netherlands-based nonprofit. We asked his fellow Rutgers students whether they would make the trip if they could never come back.

Mar 27 2014

Rutgers students say they want to cure diseases, eliminate bad music and make people smile. What would you do?

Mar 6 2014

Is a tattoo a sign of rebellion or just a form of artistic expression? Some students say there is still a stigma associated with tattoos, but others say they have become mainstream.

Is there such a thing as too much freedom of speech? Should publications be free to insult religions and their beliefs? Are limits on free speech a good idea?

We asked Rutgers students what tips and tricks they have learned for navigating their way at Rutgers. Don't miss it as they share their best-kept secrets for catching buses, registering for classes and eating well on campus.