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Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Sydney Hyder Thumb
May 1 2017

Sydney Hyder, who graduates from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School this month, has traveled across the country to learn about patient care. 

Apr 20 2017

The study by Robert Wood Johnson Medical School could lead to better coordination among all health care providers.

Mother with baby after delivery
Feb 20 2017

Rutgers intensifies its focus on maternal health to help reduce mortalities and premature births.

Feb 16 2017

Grace Ibitamuno Obienu juggles three passions – medicine, community health and writing fiction.

Nov 23 2016

Obesity and diabetes are likely the cause of a reversal in a downward trend in stroke occurrence, according to researchers.

Jun 6 2016

Annabella Macias had profound hearing loss, but the 2-year-old has made huge gains since receiving a cochlear implant from a comprehensive program.

Suzanne and father thumb
May 11 2016

Suzanne Elshafey, who graduates from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, begins a three-year residency at the teaching hospital of Harvard University.

Jan 14 2016

Data adds to growing evidence of adverse childhood experiences as determinant of health in adulthood.

Image of Albert Einstein
Nov 20 2015

On the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity, the physical makeup of his brain continues to intrigue the Rutgers professor who unearthed dozens of photographs of the brain believed lost  and is now writing a book abou

Image of structure of the human eye
Sep 8 2015

New research suggests changes in the eye's retina may hold clues for treating people with schizophrenia.

Alan Alda Thumb
Jun 29 2015

Good communication skills are just as vital to patient care and can play a critical role in health outcomes.

Jun 29 2015

Rutgers professor's psychiatry courses use Forrest Gump, Silver Linings Playbook and Seinfeld to illustrate mental illness concepts, clarify diagnoses.

Apr 24 2015

Following their medical education in New Jersey, Serena Friedman and Bob Simpson became successful physicians and wine manufacturers in Paso Robles, California, and still have not met.

Image of Sherine Gabriel
Apr 2 2015

Rutgers has selected Sherine Gabriel, dean of Mayo Medical School, an established NIH-funded investigator of the rheumatic diseases.

Feb 9 2015

Fredric Wondisford and Sally Radovick of Johns Hopkins were designated chancellor scholars by Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences.

Thomas Golden
Dec 4 2014

Thomas Golden will study ways to promote long-term health and reduce the toll of chronic disease at University College Cork.

Dr. Kiss with patient
Aug 18 2014

New techniques used by doctors at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School help patients recover from surgery faster and manage pain.

Rutgers University Seal
Jun 19 2014

News and developments from the Board of Governors June 19 meeting included the election of a new chair and the announcement of several endowed professorships.

May 23 2014

Quang Huynh Growing learned to deal with his childhood experiences by weaving hip hop themes into creative writing. But he never lost sight of his career goal.  He's well on his way to returning home as a physician.

Jessie Hanna
May 14 2014

Jessie Hanna, a Rutgers medical student, preserves his brother Sean's memory by helping families of children with pediatric cancer.