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Rutgers 250

Dec 21 2016

A resolution read in Senate chambers marked the university’s 250th anniversary.

Oct 19 2016

Notable alumni from across the globe return to Rutgers for a special day of interaction with students on our 250th birthday.

Apr 14 2016

This is the first time in Rutgers’ history that a sitting U.S. President has agreed to speak at Commencement.

Apr 6 2016

The Board of Governors names Bill Moyers as Rutgers-New Brunswick's 250th Anniversary commencement speaker, plus commencement honorees in Camden and two new endowed chairs. 

Mar 18 2016

The State House in Trenton was a recent stop on the road for the Rutgers RevolUtionary monument marking the university's 250th anniversary.

Nov 11 2015

The gift was announced during the launch of Rutgers 250 celebration Nov. 10.

Nov 9 2015

The Rutgers 250 yearlong celebration kicks off Tuesday, Nov. 10, with colonial festivities on Old Queens lawn.

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Oct 6 2015

His work led to the 1964 U.S. Surgeon General Report directly linking smoking to lung cancer.

Sep 25 2015

The new facility expands honors education as the university  prepares to celebrate its 250th anniversary.

Aug 5 2015

The total tops the previous year’s fundraising record by nearly 27 percent.

Jan 22 2013

Rutgers 250th anniversary is three years away in 2016, but organizers have already started to lay the groundwork for a commemoration to celebrate Rutgers past, present and future.