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Rutgers Business School

May 12 2017

Chioma Igwebuike talks about the B-STAR program and how she wants to help young students prepare for college and careers.

Nov 17 2016

Prize money helped partners get dri-sound premium headphone covers to market this winter.

Nov 14 2016

Stress leads consumers to save money but spend strategically on necessities, a study finds.

Image of patient having his blood pressure checked by a provider in a different location.
Jul 11 2016

Rutgers School of Nursing and Rutgers Business School will pilot telemedicine technology in Greater Newark.

Jun 13 2016

Without his fanaticism for sports and his entrepreneurial spirit, the world might not have SportsCenter or wall-to-wall coverage of March Madness and baseball’s College World Series.

Feb 26 2016

As a Rutgers business student, Colleen Grosse discovered her love of teaching and a passion for helping struggling kids reach their potential.

Tashni-Ann Dubroy
Sep 30 2015

Tashni-Ann Dubroy, both research scientist and entrepreneur, rose from chemistry professor to president of one of the oldest historically black universities in the southern United States.

Apr 21 2015

Rutgers Business School students launched an effort to help bring schools and sustainable education to kids in the developing world.

Feb 3 2015

Anna Marie Gewirtz is leading the effort to find sources of support that can turn ideas into realities.

Dec 19 2014

The team came up with a unique way of scoring law firms to help determine if a legal case could be better handled by inside or outside counsel.

Dec 8 2014

Rutgers University-Newark has a decades-old tradition of using its academic resources in service to the people of the state, especially in its hometown.

Jul 21 2014

An investiture ceremony for Morris Davis is scheduled on Sept. 23 in Newark.

Newark businesses, philanthropists and investors are creating a $50 million early-stage social impact venture fund to nurture a hub of small companies.