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Rutgers Day

Apr 25 2017

The pumpkin habanero is the first new variety released from Rutgers exotic pepper breeding program, which was formed to create a niche for New Jersey growers.

Apr 30 2016

More than 100,000 people came to New Brunswick, Newark and Camden to celebrate all things Rutgers. So many people shared their day on social media that #RutgersDay was trending nationally on Twitter on Saturday afternoon.

Apr 26 2016

#Rutgers is now on Snapchat. Follow @RutgersU for all things Rutgers and watch our story unfold.

Apr 10 2016

Check out our latest blog posts about performances and tips about parking and planning ahead to get the most out of Rutgers Day. See you on Saturday.

Apr 25 2015

#RutgersDay drew a record 91,000 people this year and many of you shared your day on social media.

Apr 12 2015

Rutgers University’s annual welcome and show-and-tell for New Jersey residents of all ages, will be Saturday, April 25, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Apr 27 2014

A record 84,000 people came to Rutgers Day to enjoy more than 500 programs and performances.

Apr 25 2014

Scores of programs in New Brunswick and Piscataway will change traffic patterns and restrict parking.

Apr 20 2014

Check out our Countdown to Rutgers Day blog for a six-step plan to help you have the best experience possible on Saturday. Remember to visit the blog throughout the day for posts about many of the 500 programs planned across Rutgers.

NJ Folk Festival
Apr 14 2014

The festival will mark its 40th anniversary celebrating the state’s diverse cultures during Rutgers Day on April 26.

Apr 9 2014

Rutgers Day is coming April 26. The event promises something for everyone with 500 programs - from interactive demonstrations to stage performances.

Rutgers Day

Rutgers Day offers more than 600 free events April 29 in New Brunswick, Camden and Newark.

Rutgers Day offers nearly 500 performances, tours, demonstrations and hands-on activities at Rutgers University-New Brunswick.