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Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Oct 30 2015

Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson's Medical School and University Hospital perform nation’s first transcarotid valve-in-valve TAVR.

Sep 24 2015

Rutgers medical students bring eggs and human skulls into the classroom to show what could happen in a bike accident.

Rick Lang Thumb
Sep 1 2015

Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School student Rick Lang was selected as a prestigious 2015 Tillman Military Scholar.

Apr 29 2015

Horses are teaching Rutgers medical students how to be better doctors.

Image of National Guard troops evacuating residents in Manahawkin
Dec 11 2014

A Rutgers study is published by Journal of the American Heart Association.

Image of U.S. servicewoman saluting American flag
Nov 10 2014

Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School has put itself out in front in a nationwide effort to train health care providers to improve care for veterans and their families.

Ganeshan, Parashar, Foran
Mar 12 2014

Scientists at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey have forged a unique partnership with Rutgers engineers to analyze genomes and human tissues faster than ever before to pinpoint treatments for specific cancers.

Photo of surgical team in an operating room
Mar 6 2014

A Rutgers surgeon is the first in the region to perform a robotic-assisted hysterectomy.

Jan 22 2014

A Rutgers graduate student competes to market a promising new breast cancer treatment