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Rutgers School of Nursing

nursing home
Jul 25 2017

Rutgers and Duke University professors explore how to improve care and reduce the use of antipsychotic medications in nursing homes.

Image of flyer with information about sex education workshop
Nov 3 2016

A Rutgers School of Nursing graduate student is using her personal story to help guide Muslim teenage girls and young women by conducting workshops that teach abstinence.


Image of nurse offering care to patient
Jun 13 2016

The innovative program is believed to be the first program of its kind in the country.

Image of male senior citizen using a walker.
May 31 2016

Rutgers students have programmed a smartphone app that measures body movements, paving the way for keeping the elderly safer by learning how to predict their risk of falling. 

Image of HIV/AIDS health care providers
Oct 16 2015

Rutgers School of Nursing is launching a $6 million nationwide effort to reduce new HIV infections.

Image of physician with adolescent girl
Sep 9 2015

The vaccination rates in Newark are much lower than in the rest of the country.

May 6 2015

A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis has driven Stephanie Butler to advocate in several ways for MS patients as she begins a career as a nurse practitioner.

Stand Up To Cancer logo
Apr 2 2015

Sung Poblete offered Rutgers School of Nursing students a special screening.

US News' Best Grad Schools logo
Mar 12 2015

Improved standing is expected to enhance faculty recruitment and expansion of doctoral programs.

Image of Zainab Poonawalla examining child in South Africa
Mar 6 2015

Rutgers junior Zainab Poonawalla already has participated in missions to South Africa, Brazil, Thailand, India and Bolivia.

Image of Victoria Lane
Feb 24 2015

Victoria Lane is making a difference in people's lives as a patient advocate in a unique community health initiative and now plans to become a nurse.

Feb 17 2015

For many of her 27 years striving to prevent pregnant women from transmitting the HIV virus to their newborns, Carolyn Burr shared her multiple sclerosis diagnosis with only her closest colleagues.

Feb 16 2015

The center serves mostly Spanish speakers, nearly a third of them undocumented immigrants who traditionally turn to emergency rooms for care.

Image of inner city youth confrontation.
Dec 19 2014

A Rutgers-led interdisciplinary team is studying whether it can prevent violence by implementing tailored success plans for at-risk Newark youths.  

Headshot of Herman Abuchowski
Dec 15 2014

Herman Abuchowski, who was born without a left foot, considers a nursing career in pediatric care and rehabilitation.

Image of newborn
Nov 29 2014

Nationally renowned midwife and educator Elaine Diegmann has delivered nearly 5,000 babies, including two grandsons, in a 34-year career.

Illustrration of brain
Oct 20 2014

There is a high degree of stress associated with living in poor communities.

Image of mobile van for treating Newark children with asthma
Oct 2 2014

Felesia Bowen is continuing her crusade to eliminate social barriers to care, starting with Newark children.