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Rutgers School of Social Work

Dec 5 2016

Rutgers student Kaysie Getty was recognized for her efforts to improve the lives of foster care youth. 

Dec 10 2015

Participants recount episodes of severe verbal and physical abuse that began in childhood.

Nov 30 2015

About 40 million Americans play fantasy sports, which results in a huge windfall for sports sites.

Jun 5 2015

Wilfredo Rodriguez breaks through walls to help the close-knit military community heal.

Apr 30 2015

Devastating loss and difficulties led Kareim Oliphant to achieve a master’s degree in social work. 

Mar 26 2015

About 70 percent of Rutgers social work students eventually go into supervision and management.

Mar 12 2015

Maria Hernandez is helping to affect the lives of children who long to be part of a forever family.

Feb 16 2015

The center serves mostly Spanish speakers, nearly a third of them undocumented immigrants who traditionally turn to emergency rooms for care.

Dec 15 2014

The researchers advocate that the Chinese government reform policy provide more support to migrant schools.

Dec 1 2014

Managing expectations is the key to happier holiday gatherings with in-laws.

Nov 13 2014

Rutgers conference seeks to remove stigma from behavioral health discussions in the workplace.

Oct 24 2014

The Rutgers School of Social Work is piloting the campus sexual assault survey for the White House.

Sep 24 2014

Future social workers use what they learn to help people process the meaning of loss in their lives.

Jul 23 2014

The research demonstrates that survivors of domestic violence need targeted financial tools and resources to help them recover.

Jul 21 2014

Researchers aim to shed light on what has helped or hindered people in their ongoing recovery.

Jul 11 2014

According to the task force’s first report, one in five women is sexually assaulted at college.

Jun 20 2014

Graduate student John Turner grew up in Camden and now helps to provide services in poor communities.

Cierra Kaler-Jones
Jun 15 2014

Cierra Kaler-Jones, who overcame developmental hip dysplasia to become a dancer, wowed the judges with her performance. Her perseverance has led the rising senior to her next competition, Miss America.

May 29 2014

After losing a friend to a drug overdose, Frank Greenagel chose a career in social work.

May 9 2014

Males and minority groups have experienced the sharpest decline, some graduating as late as age 24.