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Rutgers University-Camden

Sep 6 2016

Students are returning to new and renovated facilities across the Rutgers University system.

Eric Klein
Feb 26 2016

Eric Klein, an assistant professor of biology at Rutgers University-Camden, is the recipient of a prestigious CAREER Award.

Rutgers-Camden nursing
Feb 22 2016

The Rutgers-Camden/Cooper Collaborative for Upward Mobility in Nursing is growing a diverse workforce of baccalaureate prepared nurses.

Stephen Kmet
Jan 19 2016

Stephen Kmet, who earned his MBA at Rutgers-Camden, joined the reality show to become a better role model for his kids and boost his self-image.

Diabetes Research
Jan 19 2016

Researchers from Rutgers University–Camden and Rowan University are collaborating on an interdisciplinary project to accelerate the fight against diabetes and use untapped resources to improve treatment and perhaps even cure the disease.

Oct 26 2015

The program will waive tuition in full or by half for New Jersey students whose families make less than $60,000 a year.

Oct 12 2015

Differences in age, gender, and race can negatively affect the relationship between a supervisor and a subordinate, but so, too, can disabilities, according to research by a Rutgers University–Camden scholar.

Joseph M. Rigby
Jul 16 2015

Joseph M. Rigby, chair, president and chief executive officer of Pepco Holdings Inc., was inducted into Rutgers Board of Governors.

Deal Proneness
Jun 3 2015

A Rutgers University–Camden marketing expert says “deal proneness” is a trait passed down from parent to child.

May 27 2015

Palis is internationally recognized for his research in algorithms and parallel and distributed computing.

Wanda Williams
May 6 2015

Wanda Williams says mothers and daughters can use their unique relationship to motivate each other to make healthier lifestyle choices.

commencement cheering
Apr 30 2015

An estimated 16,465 graduates will receive academic degrees at three Rutgers University commencement ceremonies.

Feb 11 2015

A South Jersey high school student and a Rutgers University–Camden undergraduate student will have the opportunity to participate in significant STEM research projects beginning this summer through the highly selective Army Educational Research Pr

food label
Dec 8 2014

Law professor Ellen Goodman discusses the First Amendment aspects of product labeling.

Sean O'Malley
Nov 24 2014

It’s becoming more common for students to use 3D printing technology to build tools for their research labs.

Desmond Lun
Nov 24 2014

Forensic experts in crime labs around the world could soon have a new tool.

Harish Swaminathan
Nov 5 2014

Harish Swaminathan has been awarded a prestigious graduate research fellowship from the National Institute of Justice to fund his project, “Computational Methods for the Interpretation of Forensic DNA Samples.”

Amelia Kaselaan
Nov 5 2014

Amelia Kaselaan, a senior marking major at the Rutgers School of Business–Camden, is playing a big part in Subaru of America’s annual “Share the Love” event, a charitable campaign held at the end of every year.

Suneeta Ramaswami
Sep 26 2014

Computer science majors at Rutgers University–Camden will participate in a research project with students from two other institutions thanks to a new grant that encourages collaborative research at the undergraduate level.