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Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts

Sep 6 2013

In a new exhibit in the Rutgers–Camden Center for the Arts, “(re)collecting (re)constructing,” materials and objects that are often tossed aside have become stunning, original works of art.

Martin Rosenberg, a professor of art history at Rutgers–Camden, discusses the inspiration behind the “Visions of Place” exhibition and explains why the compelling images offer viewers a lens into the complexities of present-day Israel as well as a

The Rutgers–Camden Center for the Arts presents an engaging new exhibition, “From the Digital Toolbox,” which highlights the work and creative processes of four artists trained as painters who incorporate new technologies into their cutting-edge d

Thanks to two grants from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts (NJSCA), totaling more than $176,000, the Rutgers–Camden Center for the Arts (RCCA) will continue to serve as a hub of award-winning performances, exhibitions, education programs,