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Jun 23 2014

The New Jersey Council of Presidents has approved a bachelor of arts in health sciences degree program for the Rutgers University–Camden College of Arts and Sciences.  Courses will begin in the fall.

Clarence Fullard
May 8 2014

Clarence Fullard, a Williamstown resident and licensed certified public accountant with more than 35 years of professional business experience, has been appointed director of the New Jersey Small Business Development Center at Rutgers University-C

Sean Taylor
May 1 2014

A pair of Rutgers University–Camden students has found a new family of functional materials for the production of clean hydrogen fuel through photocatalysis, a process that uses sunlight or ultraviolet light to drive chemical reactions.

Pheobe Haddon
Apr 23 2014

Haddon, who has served as the dean of the University of Maryland’s Carey School of Law since 2009, begins her post July 1.

Apr 9 2014

The John E. Morgan Foundation will provide a $1.5 million challenge grant to help the Rutgers–Camden Community Leadership Center work to transform early childhood education in Camden and elsewhere.

Apr 3 2014

Keith Green, an associate professor of English at Rutgers University–Camden, explores slave narratives in his forthcoming book, Bound to Respect: Antebellum Narratives of Imprisonment, Servitude and Captivity, 1816 to 1861.

Apr 3 2014

The Rutgers University Board of Governors has approved a bachelor of arts in health sciences degree program for Rutgers-Camden’s College of Arts and Sciences.

Apr 1 2014

Physician Jeffrey Brenner's efforts to improve the lives of the nation's neediest earned him a MacArthur Fellowship.

Naomi Marmorstein
Mar 26 2014

Depression and obesity have long been associated, but how they relate over time is less clear.  New research shows that adolescent females who experience one of the disorders are at a greater risk for the other as they get older.

Scott Davis
Mar 26 2014

Scott Davis's octocopter drone, which carries two cameras, combines biology with math, computer programming and engineering.

Mar 21 2014

Rutgers University–Camden will host a compelling poetry reading addressing racial injustice at 12:15 p.m. Monday, March 31.

Mar 18 2014

Marian Wright Edelman, founder and president of the Children’s Defense Fund and the leading voice for children’s rights in the United States, will lead a panel focusing on urban violence and youth, from 9 a.m. to noon Wednesday, April 2.

Shoko Kato
Mar 7 2014

Starting a new business can be a risky venture.  Entrepreneurs hope their ideas become prosperous, but they first face a lot of uncertainty and may not see tangible results for years. Are they being irrational by banking on future success?

Eric Klein
Mar 7 2014

If the best defense is a good offense, then a preemptive strike to prevent bacteria from sticking to a cell might be the best way to improve treatment for bacterial infections and fight off drug resistant bacteria.

Feb 24 2014

A series of events will celebrate women of character, courage, and commitment at Rutgers University–Camden throughout Women’s History Month in March.

Lyla Jno Baptiste
Feb 19 2014

Sometimes, research yields unexpected results. At Rutgers University–Camden, a group working together to decipher the genetic basis of cell shapes in plants made a remarkable discovery: a new gene.

Fruit Fly
Feb 4 2014

Diseases like Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s are often associated with aging, but the biological link between the two is less certain.  Researchers at Rutgers University–Camden are seeking insight into this connection.

ice worm
Feb 4 2014

The worms thrive in glacial ice and Daniel Shain believes their physiology holds clues to keeping organs alive longer.

Feb 3 2014

A series of compelling activities will celebrate cultural diversity at Rutgers University–Camden throughout Black History Month in February.

Jan 30 2014

Addressing the growing social, economic, and political inequality gaps in the United States’ most impoverished urban communities, Rutgers–Camden will host the free public Symposia on Urban Poverty and Inequality series February through April.