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School of Arts and Sciences

Feb 6 2017

Rutgers student Bob Mostello has a doctorate in chemical engineering and 20 patents to his name.

Oct 31 2016

A Rutgers graduate brings an innovative participatory approach to his high school science classroom.

students videoconferencing
Sep 16 2015

The new system, called VideoWall, was developed by computer scientists with a vision for everything from bridging classrooms in New Jersey to helping researchers communicate across continents.

May 19 2015

Aida Jane Doolittle finishes with a 3.7 GPA, majors in two schools and, best of all, the joy of being able to walk with her daughter.

Apr 30 2015

Michael Klaser served 10 years in the Navy, specializing in sophisticated Sonar technology aboard the USS Tennessee.

Apr 16 2015

Regina Belle, famed for song in Aladdin, will perform at the inaugural School of Arts and Sciences Convocation.

Feb 25 2015

Switching to a new university can be stressful, but transfers at the School of Arts and Sciences are getting help navigating Rutgers from mentors who are former transfer students themselves. Watch and see how the Transfer Center program works.

Feb 5 2015

Rutgers' Committee on Insitutional Cooperation membership provides new opportunities to collaborate on research and academic programming with other member schools.

Michael Arroyo D.A.R.E.
Dec 21 2014

Inspired by his mother, the first Hispanic alderwoman in Dover, New Jersey, Michael Arroyo, a student at Rutgers School of Law-Newark and police officer in Morris County, follows her into a life of public service.

Gloria Steinem
Sep 29 2014

The new chair named for one of the most prominent modern American feminists will focus on the creative and complex ways information technology and new media are changing society by reshaping culture and power relationships.

Sep 3 2014

The unique space is reminiscent of the days when students spent long nights working side by side with their classmates.

Sep 1 2014

Launched last fall by the Department of Religion in the School of Arts and Sciences, the MA program puts Rutgers at the forefront of an increasingly hot field in the humanities.

Rutgers group in DC
Jun 30 2014

A provocative look at U.S. presence strikes a chord with congressional representatitves for its ability to inform public discourse.

Peter March
May 15 2014

Rutgers' new arts and sciences dean has a long career in academic administration and experience with the National Science Foundation.

Feb 10 2014

Rutgers researchers work across disciplines to shed light on an essential question: Why can some people, but not others, quit smoking for good?

Nov 6 2013

Concepts of Physics for Humanities and Social Science Students is providing a compelling mix of science and contemporary issues, drawing undergraduates from fields as diverse as accounting, psychology, and English.

Oct 16 2013

An initiative to transform math education is taking shape at Rutgers and local schools.