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School of Environmental and Biological Sciences

Nov 2 2016

Rutgers students and faculty are conducting research on a new boat that is turning the nearby Raritan River into a laboratory and classroom. Watch and see it in action.

Dec 15 2015

The Rutgers Board of Governors announced Professor Richard Lathrop Jr. as the inaugural holder of the endowed Johnson Family Chair in Water Resources and Watershed Ecology.

Professor Dipak K. Sarkar
Dec 9 2014

Dipak K. Sarkar, a distinguished professor in the Department of Animal Sciences whose research focuses on understanding how stress promotes infection, cancers and alcohol-related diseases, has been named a Board of Governors Professor.

Sep 4 2014

Rutgers researchers are trying to make low-maintenence grass more economical and resistant to disease and drought.

U.S. Botanic Garden
Jul 28 2014

Working on his language skills in Italy led Ari Novy to an unexpected career path in plant science.