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Dec 18 2016

From a Barbie Dreamhouse to a Nintendo GameCube, the presents that Rutgers students say they received in childhood are still fresh in their minds today. Watch and see what else left an impression. 

Dec 14 2016

“I’ve been a vegetarian since 1973 and a vegan since the end of last summer. My cardiologist suggested I make the change because I had a 95-percent blockage. For someone whose life revolves around food it can be difficult.

Dec 12 2016

The Student Entrepreneur of the Year 2016, Rahul Anand runs a successful company at Rutgers Business School-Newark and New Brunswick.

Dec 11 2016

Rutgers students are quick to share their opinions on everything from the food to the music in the university’s dining halls.

Nov 20 2016

What do you want to tell our next president? We asked Rutgers students what message they want to deliver. Their answers may surprise you. Watch.

Nov 6 2016

Immigration? Climate change? Student debt? We asked more than 200 #Rutgers students about the most important issue in this year's election.

Nov 2 2016

Have you found your passion yet? Are you getting to the gym often enough? Rutgers students say they are facing a variety of challenges. Watch and find out what they have to say.

Oct 30 2016

Whether it's winning an award or conquering a fear, certain moments stick with you in life. We asked Rutgers students about their proudest moments. Watch and find out what they had to say.

Oct 16 2016

Do you like to color? The Rutgers Art Library released coloring books that feature images of Rutgers that you can make into masterpieces. Watch and see why students find coloring relaxing.

Oct 12 2016

“I’m from Pakistan where girls aren’t really supposed to go abroad to study. Everyone sends their boys off. I’m the first one as a girl in my family to come abroad and study.

Oct 5 2016

Do you have a photographic memory? Can you speak several languages? Rutgers students say those are among the talents they would like to have. Watch and find out what else they have to say.

Oct 3 2016

Students at Rutgers University-New Brunswick can't use money as an excuse to skip the gym this semester. Rutgers Recreation gave every student a free flex pass that provides access to more than 100 fitness classes.

Aug 7 2016

Are you wondering what the Pokémon Go craze is all about? Rutgers was recently named one of the top 50 places to play the popular game in the nation. Watch our video to find out what the people staring at their cell phones are really after.

May 15 2016

President Barack Obama's visit to Rutgers on Sunday trended nationally on Twitter and Facebook as graduates and their families took to social media to mark the occasion.

May 11 2016

If you could ask President Obama anything, what would it be? Watch our video and hear some amusing and serious things Rutgers students want to know from our 250th anniversary commencement speaker.

May 8 2016

What's going to be your next big invention? Students and faculty are taking their ideas and building them at the Rutgers Makerspace, which has tools like a laser cutter and 3D printer to help you get the job done. Everyone is welcome.

Apr 27 2016
Apr 25 2016

Rutgers' 250th anniversary is celebrated in Congress as students from across Rutgers urge lawmakers to support federal education aid. 

Apr 21 2016

Do you know where to find the best information about getting involved at Rutgers?  Or that there's a "midnight breakfast" in the dining halls? Students share more of their favorite Rutgers life hacks in this edition of RU Speaks.

Apr 10 2016

Check out our latest blog posts about performances and tips about parking and planning ahead to get the most out of Rutgers Day. See you on Saturday.