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Jul 10 2017

Students Artemis and Sophia Mazzini will honor their father’s memory by sponsoring a five-kilometer run/walk on Rutgers-New Brunswick’s Cook campus.

sad girl tn
Oct 29 2015

A Rutgers researcher appeals to the medical community for better treatment tools and insurance coverage.

Depressed man Thumb
Feb 27 2015

A new Rutgers study shows that middle-aged people are particularly vulnerable to suicide when under financial or economic stress.

NJ Hopeline
Sep 4 2014

As the NJ Hopeline moves into its second year, the state’s suicide prevention hotline operated by Rutgers counts its success one call at a time.

Robin Williams thumb
Aug 18 2014

Julie Phillips says male baby boomers are 1.6 times more likely to kill themselves than prior generation.

Suicide Prevention Day

Recognizing how critical response time can be, all calls are answered quickly by counselors on duty.