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Feb 23 2015

Research and study grant recipients are doing work in the humanities, life sciences, political science and oceanography.

Jan 30 2015

Teaching in New Orleans inspired Gyneth's O'Neill's career helping others to navigate the system.

Darrin York
Nov 20 2014

Education groups honor him for personalizing instruction and boosting student success in general chemistry courses.

Aug 7 2013

Interim Chancellor Todd Clear will recognize Ronald Clarke, Robert Puhak, and Suzanne Willard for "exceptional contributions." 

dental care
Jul 8 2013

Rutgers School of Dental Medicine offers a training course to FBI agents, enabling them to treat unexpected dental emergencies when they occur.

Feb 12 2013

Since Christina Rak Samson graduated from Rutgers in 2004, the couple, have used their art to overcome emotional trauma and hopelessness and to inspire others do the same. Dance was also the reason they fell in love in 1999.