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New Jersey State House
Feb 25 2016

Though he's returned from the 2016 presidential campaign trail, New Jersey's voters still give Gov. Christie low marks for how he handles the state's pressing issues.

NJ Transit train
Nov 12 2015

A new Rutgers study calls for an integrated approach to removing mobility barriers to independence.

Sep 14 2015

Rutgers researchers are helping ensure that adults on the autism spectrum can access and safely use public transportation services.

injured soldier
Jul 14 2015

Rutgers research finds transportation is the lynchpin that connects disparate parts of daily living for veterans with disabilities.

Mar 31 2015

Due to student complaints about the Rutgers bus system, campus leaders have decided to eliminate buses altogether in Fall 2015 in favor of alternative modes of transportation. Watch and find out how you can get to class in September.

Oct 8 2013

The university will lead a group of nine other schools to address technical and management issues.