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Media Relations

Jan 17 2017

The Scarlet Knights women’s basketball team has rallied around its former student manager.

Ashley M. Raymond, Anna Dillulio and Andrea Catone
Jan 17 2017

Rutgers graduate student Andrea Catone launches Action Together New Jersey to mobilize people who want to bring about local and national change. 

Student Center Thumb
Jan 16 2017

New bike and bus lanes part of broader redevelopment initiative with city of New Brunswick.

Jan 11 2017

A Q&A with Rutgers’ Robert E. Kopp, member of National Academies committee exploring climate-changing effects of carbon dioxide.

Dec 22 2016

Enactus students apply classroom knowledge to troubleshoot real-world problems for struggling local businesses.

Dec 22 2016

Narayan Mandayam leads research on how to improve the quality of life in cities and protect our planet.

Eathan Janney tuning a piano
Dec 22 2016

Eathan Janney also tunes pianos in Peru, while overseeing a global piano tuning business.

Dec 21 2016

A resolution read in Senate chambers marked the university’s 250th anniversary.

Susan Merkel with family
Dec 19 2016

Susan Merkel lobbied for passage of New Jersey Birthright Bill, which goes into effect next month.

Dec 19 2016

An expert at Rutgers' Care2Caregivers helpline shares tips on how families can celebrate the holidays with loved ones suffering from an illness that affects memory.

Dec 18 2016

From a Barbie Dreamhouse to a Nintendo GameCube, the presents that Rutgers students say they received in childhood are still fresh in their minds today. Watch and see what else left an impression. 

Dec 15 2016

The initiative at Rutgers Douglass Residential College combines career, leadership and wellness programs.

Dec 15 2016

Rutgers students rolled out Testable, an app that recreates the social, competitive atmosphere of studying with friends.

Dec 14 2016

“I’ve been a vegetarian since 1973 and a vegan since the end of last summer. My cardiologist suggested I make the change because I had a 95-percent blockage. For someone whose life revolves around food it can be difficult.

Dec 12 2016

Rutgers neuroscientists have established that the use of psychotropic medications to treat autism in children often makes neuromotor problems worse. 

Dec 12 2016

The Student Entrepreneur of the Year 2016, Rahul Anand runs a successful company at Rutgers Business School-Newark and New Brunswick.

Dec 12 2016

Planet Money producer Alex Goldmark enjoys unraveling complicated concepts and making learning fun.

Dec 11 2016

Rutgers students are quick to share their opinions on everything from the food to the music in the university’s dining halls.

Image of Xianyi Gao
Dec 8 2016

His family life shattered as a child when his father became ill, Xianyi Gao determined that education was critical, motivating him toward the doctoral degree he'll complete this spring.

Dec 8 2016

The students demonstrated a grasp of economics that propelled the team to the top of a tough national competition.