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Media Relations

Oct 27 2016

Anna Gichan is privy to two special worlds. In one, she wears her hearing aids and interacts with the frenetic sounds of everyday life. In the other, she exists in near silence.

Oct 27 2016

Rutgers Professor Paul G. Falkowski seeks transition from coal to clean, renewable energy.

Oct 26 2016

 In The New England Journal of Medicine, the Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences chancellor explores why long-sought access to clinical trial data is underused.

Teaching Kitchen Thumb
Oct 25 2016

Rutgers health experts say don’t worry about the holidays, it’s the rest of the year that counts.

Oct 24 2016

Carrie Budoff Brown will be taking over the helm of a media organization that has been a leader in web based journalism.

Zack Morrison
Oct 24 2016

Zack Morrison, working toward an MFA, interns in the writers’ room at NBC, and produces a YouTube variety show.

Image of John Cohen
Oct 24 2016

A former intelligence official who is now a Rutgers professor assesses the threats that have vaulted cybersecurity onto center stage.

Oct 23 2016

Some of Rutgers most talented arts graduate students are opening their studios so the public can see their work in progress.

Oct 23 2016

Rutgers' Karen O'Neill talks to Bloomberg about enticing people to move away from vulnerable areas.

Oct 20 2016

Rutgers’ Dipankar Raychaudhuri in the forefront of creating a mobile-friendly internet that can handle billions of devices and smart gadgets.

Oct 20 2016

A multi-talented Rutgers senior’s latest ambition is a crowd-funding startup to help students pay for college.

Oct 19 2016

Notable alumni from across the globe return to Rutgers for a special day of interaction with students on our 250th birthday.

preemie thumb
Oct 18 2016

Rutgers scientists discovered that metabolic disruption prevents gut development and may lead to a life-threatening condition that is a major cause of death.

Maddow Thumb
Oct 17 2016

Rutgers research indicates that men substantially outnumber women as opinion makers in the 2016 presidential election on top-rated cable news shows.

Oct 17 2016

Professors Douglas Kruse and Lisa Schur say people with disabilities are receiving more attention in this election and a disability can motivate a whole family at the voting booth.

Oct 17 2016

Alumni with small children celebrated Rutgers University-New Brunswick’s Homecoming in style on the lawn of the president’s home at R Family Fall Festival.

Oct 17 2016

The New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station’s course teaches undergraduates and the public how to break into farming.

Oct 17 2016

Two Rutgers schools team up to prepare health care managers to better meet Obamacare requirements.