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Jun 19 2017

Marking its 20th year, DOORS Golf Challenge raises half a million dollars.

Jaxcy Odom
Oct 3 2016

Jaxcy Odom plans to bring expertise on autism back to her tribe where the disorder is still in the shadows.

Jul 11 2016

The funding will increase the number of health care providers in New Jersey needed to provide early intervention. 

Dec 2 2015

Rutgers alumni looking for an answer for their son launch an adult day program they hope to expand throughout the state.

NJ Transit train
Nov 12 2015

A new Rutgers study calls for an integrated approach to removing mobility barriers to independence.

Nov 4 2015

Rutgers Center for Adult Autism Services’ vocational and residential programs aim to integrate adults with ASD into university community.

Octopus Music Lesson
Oct 23 2015

A New Brunswick music school helps special needs students achieve more than learning an instrument – it opens a world of opportunity.

Sep 14 2015

Rutgers researchers are helping ensure that adults on the autism spectrum can access and safely use public transportation services.

Lunden and DiCicci-Bloom Thumb
Sep 8 2015

Once teased and bullied, a Rutgers postdoc now devotes his scientific career to finding out how brain circuits affect behavior.


Mar 9 2015

A new book by a pediatric neurologist and geneticist uses plain language to help parents of children on the autism spectrum maximize their office visits.

Nov 5 2014

Rutgers instructor Karen Kowalski teaches piano as a form of therapy for children with special needs. Watch our video and meet two children who have made great strides at the keyboard and beyond.

Image of Gary Aston-Jones
Sep 2 2014

The institute's new leader is considered one of the world’s top neuroscientists.

Merlin and Max Thumb
May 9 2014

Graduating seniors Max Skula and Merlin Moore say the help they received from the autism support program is a big reason for their success at Rutgers.

Mom2Mom Event
May 8 2014

Mom2Mom provides a peer-support lifeline to New Jersey parents of children with special needs.

Christian, Carlos, Corey and Lorenzo Miodus-Santini
Oct 30 2013

Scientists also find evidence of a genetic connection in areas of social skills and repetitive behaviors.

Jul 24 2013

Sensory and motion studies could change the way autism is diagnosed and treated.