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college students

Mar 24 2016
What qualities are you looking for in the next president? Rutgers students say they would support a national leader who respects the middle class and isn't quick to use military force. Find out what else they had to say.
Nov 2 2014

Rutgers is becoming more bike friendly by expanding its bike rental program and installing new bike lockers and repair stations around the campuses.The program provides freedom for students to come and go on their own two wheels. Take a look:

May 7 2014

Do you know why cramming for a test doesn't really work or why sleep is so important for your memory? Watch our video to find out the secrets to learning and improving memory just in time for final exams.

Apr 22 2014

How many cheeseburgers can you eat? Rutgers students and community members put themselves to the test at a recent competition at 25 Burgers in New Brunswick. Proceeds went to Elijah's Promise, a local food charity.

Apr 20 2014

Being the Scarlet Knight has its perks – selfies, high fives and fist bumps everywhere you go.

Apr 3 2014

Rutgers senior Brian Robles is in the running for a one-way mission to Mars with Mars One, a Netherlands-based nonprofit. We asked his fellow Rutgers students whether they would make the trip if they could never come back.

Feb 20 2014

Where do you want to see Rutgers in five years? The university has just released a strategic plan that outlines a bold blueprint for our future. Watch as students speak out about the new Rutgers.

Jan 30 2014

As talks of a proposal to legalize marijuana brew at a state level, students are mixed about the idea. Some say it would lead to reckless behavior; others say marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol. What do you think?

Rutgers seniors
Oct 13 2013

As a first-year student, graduation seems light years away. But Rutgers seniors say time has gone by fast. In the first of a three-part series, we meet four students who are facing the nerves and excitement that come with senior year.

Students and alumni from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine battled it out on the hockey rink at the 3rd annual “Medwings vs. Bitewings” game.

Think your Frisbee skills are good? The Rutgers Ultimate Frisbee Club advanced to the USA Ultimate College Championship series this year for the first time in school history.

Rutgers students are mixed, but many are concerned about global warming and believe people can take small steps to help the planet. Check out their responses in the first installment of our new RU Speaks weekly series.

Gun Control Debate

Have the recent mass shootings in Connecticut, Washington D.C., and elsewhere changed the way you feel about guns? We surveyed students and staff with some tough questions. Find out their answers.

While the "freshman 15" might be bit of a misnomer, the risk of packing on the pounds freshman year is real  -- unless you plan.