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first-year students

Apr 13 2016

Using only paper and electronics, first-year students at Rutgers created a lightsaber, xylophone and even a singing dog in a Byrne Seminar course. Watch and see what happens when you combine art and engineering.

May 4 2015

In coordination with First Lady Michelle Obama, Rutgers joined other universities across the country on May 1 to welcome students who decided to #ReachHigher and enroll at Rutgers. Congratulations to the Class of 2019.

Apr 30 2015

Congratulations to all of our newly admitted #Rutgers students. We're so happy you decided to #ReachHigher and come to Rutgers. See you in the fall.

Mar 1 2015

What makes you choose a salad over a hamburger? Different strategies from packaging to presentation influence our decisions to eat healthy food and junk food alike. Watch our video to learn more about food framing and how it shapes our diets.

Sep 24 2014

Rutgers students are learning to use their bodies as musical instruments. A new Byrne seminar called "Rhythm, Drumming and Body Percussion" has first-year students tapping, clapping and stomping their feet to make some interesting sounds.

Sep 7 2014

First-year students at Rutgers got a chance to pitch in on some community service projects in their new city before classes even began this fall. The new Start with Service program aims to build a legacy of service at Rutgers.

Sep 4 2014

Get your sleep. Be open to new experiences. And don't forget to call home. Join us as we watch parents help their first-year students move in and offer last pieces of advice.

Aug 17 2014

We asked our @RutgersU social media followers about the must-have item they couldn't live without during their first year at #Rutgers. Some may seem like common sense, others not so much. Whatever you do, don't forget the snacks.

Aug 15 2014

The third annual Newark College Freshman Institute offers professional and personal development workshops and presentations in a four day, 30-hour program to more than 150 Newark residents.

Aug 3 2014

Thousands of incoming first-year students, transfer students, and their families are coming to the New Brunswick Campus this summer to get a preview of college life at Rutgers.

Jul 13 2014

Going away to college marks a major life change for students, but it's also a big adjustment for their parents. Find out how parents of first-year students are preparing themselves for the fall and learn ways to make the transition easier.

First-year students at Rutgers are testing their engineering skills by building structures that can stand up to earthquake simulations. Watch and see their work in action.

Rutgers Students

Rutgers' incoming class of more than 8,000 students includes 1,000 university Merit Award recipients, 100 Presidential Scholars and more than 300 medical students.