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Mar 23 2016

Men, who die on average five years earlier than women, prefer male doctors, but are more honest with female doctors.

Wanda Williams
May 6 2015

Wanda Williams says mothers and daughters can use their unique relationship to motivate each other to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Oct 24 2014

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? Find out what research reveals about those who eat breakfast and learn about the crucial characteristic of a good cereal.

Oct 23 2014

Many Rutgers students say the media is overplaying the threat posed by Ebola, but others are concerned about the widespread outbreak in Africa and the threat at home. 

Child with learning disabilities at play
Jan 27 2014

A new program combining law, medicine and social work expertise is advocating for families in need.

scientist working in the lab
May 1 2013

Experts have learned much from previous pandemics, Janet Golden says. Panic isn’t helpful. Knowledge and preparation are what is needed.

junk food cookies
Dec 15 2011

Is comfort food good or bad for your health?