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Nov 14 2016

Rutgers historian Jennifer Mittelstadt says the military has relied on cash bonuses more heavily to quickly recruit and retain people in needed occupational specialties.

Nov 10 2016

New Jersey Vet2Vet provides a peer-support lifeline to New Jersey veterans.

Feb 8 2016

University Behavioral Health Care’s Veterans Total Care Initiative connects New Jersey vets with hospitals and doctors’ offices, cutting down wait time. 

Military Mom2Mom
Sep 25 2015

The Military Mom2Mom helpline provides a peer-support lifeline to New Jersey military families.

Jun 5 2015

Wilfredo Rodriguez breaks through walls to help the close-knit military community heal.

Nov 20 2013

Vets4Warriors military support helpline based at Rutgers will now serve all active duty service members and their families.

Jul 5 2013

The Lumina Foundation has commended Rutgers for easing the transition of returning veterans.

Rutgers and West Point Explore the Ethics of War
Jun 24 2013

Rutgers philosophy seminar is possibly the first in the country to arm future officers and civilian leaders with a better understanding of war’s moral complexities. Story

Peer support program operated by Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care receives Pro Patria Award.