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Apr 24 2017

More than 500 student posters will be on exhibit April 28 at the Livingston Student Center.

Image of Julia Kirchner and Ron Weiss
Sep 26 2016

Before they obtain their medical degree, a number of medical school students choose to devote a year to a special research project or a fellowship to help prepare themselves for a medical career.

May 4 2016

Ilya Raskin, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Plant Biology & Pathology, Rutgers-New Brunswick

Photo of Nan Gao in his lab
Apr 12 2016

A team led by a Rutgers University-Newark biologist believes that an intestinal cell type may be at the root of this serious ailment that afflicts 16 million Americans.

Diabetes Research
Jan 19 2016

Researchers from Rutgers University–Camden and Rowan University are collaborating on an interdisciplinary project to accelerate the fight against diabetes and use untapped resources to improve treatment and perhaps even cure the disease.

Dec 4 2015

Diagnosed with Crohn's disease as a teen, Chancellor Scholar Karen Edelblum leads research toward a cure.

lab research
Nov 4 2015

New data show a significant increase in federal funding at a time when most federal agencies were unable to increase research support.

Sep 11 2015

With its ability to analyze miniscule amounts of fluid, this Rutgers breakthrough could also promote central nervous system and joint research.

Jul 20 2015

Rutgers researcher says findings published in the journal Pediatrics may offer another reason to judiciously prescribe antibiotics to children.

statin drugs
Jun 8 2015

Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs most likely do not cause short-term memory loss, according to a Rutgers and University of Pennsylvania study of nearly one million patients.

Deal Proneness
Jun 3 2015

A Rutgers University–Camden marketing expert says “deal proneness” is a trait passed down from parent to child.

Apr 27 2015

Teens who tan are more likely to smoke and to engage on social media sites related to tanning.

Barry Goldwater
Apr 9 2015

Their research accomplishments are in the fields of stem cells, fundamental particles of matter, genetic disorders and learning and memory.

Fulbright logo
Feb 23 2015

Research and study grant recipients are doing work in the humanities, life sciences, political science and oceanography.

Simeon Kotchoni
Feb 5 2015

Research that will help to fight soil-borne pathogens that infect canola plants is taking root at Rutgers University–Camden.

Harish Swaminathan
Nov 5 2014

Harish Swaminathan has been awarded a prestigious graduate research fellowship from the National Institute of Justice to fund his project, “Computational Methods for the Interpretation of Forensic DNA Samples.”

Oct 22 2014

A 30-year-old Rutgers undergraduate excels both in class and in a medical school laboratory.

tripartite circle
Jun 30 2014

Scientists are working together on harnessing energy from agricultural crops.

3D image of seabed
Jun 2 2014

The study will help scientists and policymakers cope with today’s rising ocean levels that threaten the shore.

Apr 30 2014

Researchers hope increased scale and speed of work will translate into expanded funding and infrastructure.