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Feb 21 2017

The university ranks among top producers of Fulbright fellows at research institutions nationwide.

Jan 18 2017

Is this form of public protest still effective and, if so, what do organizers hope to accomplish?

Ashley M. Raymond, Anna Dillulio and Andrea Catone
Jan 17 2017

Rutgers graduate student Andrea Catone launches Action Together New Jersey to mobilize people who want to bring about local and national change. 

Student Center Thumb
Jan 16 2017

New bike and bus lanes part of broader redevelopment initiative with city of New Brunswick.

Eathan Janney tuning a piano
Dec 22 2016

Eathan Janney also tunes pianos in Peru, while overseeing a global piano tuning business.

Susan Merkel with family
Dec 19 2016

Susan Merkel lobbied for passage of New Jersey Birthright Bill, which goes into effect next month.

Dec 15 2016

The initiative at Rutgers Douglass Residential College combines career, leadership and wellness programs.

Anita Ashok Datar
Nov 28 2016

Public health policy expert Anita Ashok Datar was one of 21 people killed in last year’s terrorist attack in Mali.   

Nov 14 2016

Rutgers hosted the biggest party in its 250-year history on November 10, concluding a yearlong birthday celebration, and marking the historic date with concerts, exhibitions, symposia, fireworks and the scarlet red glow that lit up New York City’s

Nov 3 2016

Chelsie Riche dedicates her academics and activism to eradicating the economic barriers she faced growing up.

Oct 31 2016

A Rutgers graduate brings an innovative participatory approach to his high school science classroom.

Oct 20 2016

A multi-talented Rutgers senior’s latest ambition is a crowd-funding startup to help students pay for college.

Oct 6 2016

A Rutgers’ Byrne seminar encourages students to look closely at their lives in a digital age. 

Oct 6 2016

‘Race Whisperer’ author, Melanye T. Price, explains how a triumphant moment in American history revealed our country’s racial tensions.

Sep 26 2016

Rutgers, College of Saint Elizabeth help educators learn how to teach students to work well with others, manage feelings and become responsible adults.

Sep 19 2016

National estimates suggest 20 percent of college students have experienced hunger.  

Sep 15 2016

Becoming a city council member has been Andrew Rodriguez’s goal since boyhood.

Sep 12 2016

A Rutgers professor's new book delves into the lyrics for biblical underpinnings that span The Boss's canon.

Aug 22 2016

Rutgers Board of Governors member Candace Straight's input helped inform accurate portrayals in the first female-driven Wall Street film.

Jul 11 2016

Meet Ennyn Chiu, age 9, and her 11-year-old sister Enna.