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Sep 12 2016

A Rutgers professor's new book delves into the lyrics for biblical underpinnings that span The Boss's canon.

Aug 22 2016

Rutgers Board of Governors member Candace Straight's input helped inform accurate portrayals in the first female-driven Wall Street film.

Jul 11 2016

Meet Ennyn Chiu, age 9, and her 11-year-old sister Enna.

Jun 27 2016

Rutgers researchers are working with hops farmers across the state to identify best practices for growing and analyzing hops to better serve the growing number of micro brewers opening in New Jersey.

Jun 20 2016

The days are longer, the schedules lighter, and many members of the Rutgers community have summer reading on their minds. Rutgers Today wondered what books are on the top of faculty’s and staff’s must-read lists for the next few months.

Philomena Chu
May 31 2016

Rutgers’ Eagleton Fellowship Program gives graduate students a chance to combine politics with their chosen field of study.

May 23 2016

Rutgers' Ethel Brooks was recently appointed by President Obama to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council.

Shirley Yu
May 16 2016

Shirley Yu shot the cover of Time magazine while preparing to graduate.

May 4 2016

While studying photography at Mason Gross, Diana Marsh adored wandering with her camera, and she relished experimenting in the darkroom.

Gregg Spiridellis
Apr 15 2016

Rutgers graduate Gregg Spiridellis talks about why he left behind Wall Street to help start JibJab and how reinvention keeps the web-based animation company fresh.

Shabnam Abedi
Apr 7 2016

Shabnam Abedi’s Indian classical music interprets melodies of 19th century Bengali composer for a 21st century audience.

Monica Rozenfeld and Abira Sengupta
Mar 28 2016

A program tied to the proposed Gloria Steinem Endowed Chair connects alumnae with female industry leaders.

Mar 21 2016

The program she created at Rutgers in 1958 – a community of nontraditional female students – lives on at Douglass Residential College in her name.

Mar 8 2016

A Rutgers study found that a 45-minute counseling session is more effective than interactive education.

Mar 8 2016

Five extraordinary graduates will be inducted into the Rutgers Hall of Distinguished Alumni in May. Find out who they are.

Feb 25 2016

The Mason Gross alumna has set the scene for some of the most iconic images of the last quarter century – Caitlyn Jenner, Michelle Obama, ‘Brangelina’ and more.

Paul Robeson
Feb 15 2016

He used his fame to fight injustice for people all over the world.

Feb 12 2016

Annapurna Sriram’s commitment to her craft saw the budding actress through a slump and into the spotlight off-Broadway and on Showtime.

Mary D'Ambrosio
Jan 21 2016

Mary D’Ambrosio’s decades of experience and new course offerings connect students with the important international stories of their generation.


Jan 20 2016

The company has entered into partnerships to build a more diverse workforce and improve the health and well-being of people around the world.