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Apr 26 2016

#Rutgers is now on Snapchat. Follow @RutgersU for all things Rutgers and watch our story unfold.

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Oct 29 2015

A Rutgers researcher appeals to the medical community for better treatment tools and insurance coverage.

Jun 25 2015

A new book by a Rutgers professor explores what community means, how trust has declined and how it can be reconstructed.

May 4 2015

In coordination with First Lady Michelle Obama, Rutgers joined other universities across the country on May 1 to welcome students who decided to #ReachHigher and enroll at Rutgers. Congratulations to the Class of 2019.

Apr 27 2015

Teens who tan are more likely to smoke and to engage on social media sites related to tanning.

Apr 13 2015

First-time dancer Alissa Godwin took over the @RutgersU Twitter account as she danced for 30 hours to raise money for the Embrace Kids Foundation.

Apr 6 2015

#Rutgers students shared with us the best words of wisdom they have ever received about college life.

Mar 11 2015

Can you identify the spot where this picture was taken? Hint: The furniture is your clue. Join us and follow @RutgersU on Facebook to identify the spot and talk about all things #Rutgers.

Feb 11 2015

What do you love about Rutgers? Follow @RutgersU on Facebook and Twitter and share your love for Rutgers with the world. #RUMyValentine

Jan 29 2015

How do you find out what's going on in the world? Rutgers students say they're learning more from social media and less from traditional sources like television and newspapers. 

Jan 28 2015

#Rutgers students went on social media to share their best snow pics from the storm that shut down much of New Jersey this week.

Jan 19 2015

The main @RutgersU Facebook page recently welcomed its 50,000th follower. Join us to talk about all things #Rutgers on Facebook.

Dec 15 2014

Thanks to Matt Alt for sending us this great pic from last week's storm.

Dec 1 2014

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos to our #RutgersChallenge photo competition. The winning photos showcase the best school spirit, Rutgers pet, selfie with the Scarlet Knight and seasonal view of campus.

Nov 23 2014

We asked hundreds of students, faculty and staff members what they're most thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Sep 29 2014

Have you seen the #RUMyView campaign on Instagram? We're turning over the @RutgersU Instagram account to a different student twice a week to let them show us their view of campus life.

Sep 22 2014

We asked our @RutgersU social media followers to name the one thing you absolutely have to do at Rutgers before you graduate. Jump off the high dive at Werblin Recreation Center? Eat a fat sandwich? Go to King Neptune Night?

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Aug 26 2014

Rutgers researcher Keith Hampton says there is a spiral of silence on social media.

Aug 17 2014

We asked our @RutgersU social media followers about the must-have item they couldn't live without during their first year at #Rutgers. Some may seem like common sense, others not so much. Whatever you do, don't forget the snacks.

Jun 2 2014

A Rutgers study found notable differences in how men and women express their emotions on social media.